“Save A Wolf” Bracelet

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“Save A Wolf” Bracelet

Order now to help save & protect a wolf today!

“Save A Wolf” Bracelet

“Save A Wolf” Bracelet 

You are a wolf at heart! You might not have actually been born as a wolf, but you possess many of the positive traits that wolves display – intelligence and instinct. Those who are born under this sign are fiercely loyal to their family, friends, and pack.

“Save A Wolf” Bracelet

Aquamarine Stone

A stone that supports and strengthens the energy of the heart chakra and offers comfort to those who have suffered from any form of trauma or loss, helping to bring about core soul repair and healing.

Turquoise Stone

A stone believed to provide not only protection of negativity, but also clear your connection to the purity of the natural elements. It is an excellent healing stone, helping with digestion, fertility and sleep

Lapis Lazuli Stone

A stone that liberates one from fears and self-impose limitations and shields the wearer from negative influence.

Save Endangered Wolves

How many of these wolves are left in the wild?

  • 186 Mexican Gray Wolf
  • 9 Red Wolf

Let’s Keep Making A Difference

Every Bracelet Supports & Protects Wolves

“Save A Wolf” Bracelet

Today, fewer than 9 red wolves remain in the wild — and they’re expected to go extinct in less than a decade.

Know that with your product purchase, you have helped to protect and preserve wolves that are a threatened species.

“Save A Wolf” Bracelet

Why We Protect Wolves

Wolves are a highly social and intelligent species, living within stable family groups. They not only help control the populations of weaker animals, they also help keep prey species healthy by spreading disease and parasites throughout their populations.

From Our Family To Yours

“Save A Wolf” Bracelet

*A portion of the proceeds generated from this bracelet will be used to further our mission of saving & protecting wild wolves.


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